100% Pure maple syrup and maple confections from our family farm for over 50 years!



100% Pure NH Maple Syrup


New Hampshire Maple Syrup, some of the finest in the world. It needs no introduction just click below to see our goods!

Maple Confections


Our maple confections are made in small batches by hand. Melt-in-your-mouth candy, luscious maple cream or our own granulated sugar. Try some for yourself.

About Rogers Farm


50 years is a long time to do anything. One can learn a lot in that time. In this case, family traditions (secrets) passed down over a couple generations brings you the finest New Hampshire Maple Products money can buy—so good we call it Liquid Gold.


Welcome to Rogers Maple Syrup, LLC where we love all things maple! We produce 100% pure NH maple syrup from our sugar orchard of over 4000 taps. We lovingly create our syrups in a 5 x 14 wood fired evaporator with a SteamAway hood. Syrup so good we like to call it Liquid Gold.

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