Family History

The Rogers family has been making maple syrup for over 50 years. Philip Rogers starting sugaring when he was just a boy in the 1950’s. His son, Kalvin, grew up sharing the sugaring passion with his dad. Though Phil is no longer with us, his passion for sugaring lives on in Kalvin and his family. He'd probably scoff at a website, but we're glad you're here—come visit us sometime and say hi.

Courtney Rogers

My husband is all sugaring all the time. Maple syrup is in his blood. He grew up learning alongside his dad to do what he does today and it shows. He’s very meticulous about the quality of the syrup and the confections. Personally I think he is a magician—I mean how many guys do you know that can create gold??

— C.R.

Kalvin Rogers

Sugaring has always been my passion. It’s not just a springtime event—it takes a whole year of preparation to produce quality syrup. I learned from the best (my dad) and am proud to continue his tradition of excellence. Come visit and please introduce yourself.

— K.R.

I am passionate about tea, running, the idea that we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations, and maple syrup.

— Misha Collins



Maple... how sweet it is!